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Saturday, April 23   

Life is busy! There is laundry to do, dinner to prepare, meetings to attend, and people to take care of.  As women we have plenty to do to make sure everyone’s needs are met. In the process we often neglect our own needs.

All of us have experienced loss in direction, purpose, self-doubt, low confidence, anxiety or depression at one point or another in our lives. It’s normal as we go through the ups and downs of life. The problem becomes when we get stuck in those feelings and can’t move forward. Join Ray Of Hope Ranch for a day of activities with horses that will help you find answers, will give you some ‘ah-ha’ moments you won’t forget, and everything you learn parallels back to everyday life.

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Saturday, June 11 
Summer Shindig

Get your favorite horse and join us for an afternoon of trail riding, fantastic food, and good company. The first Wolf Creek Ranch Summer Shindig will give guests the opportunity to ride through the varying terrain and see the amazing views of Osage County and end the evening with a beef tenderloin dinner served by Painted Horse Bar & Grille. We'll have fresh cocktails available if you choose. Watching the sunset at Wolf Creek Ranch is an added bonus!


$75 per participant - REGISTER BY JUNE 4

Negative Coggins Required

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